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Passion and quality are in our DNA and in our cup of coffee

Coffe’n srl was founded in Terni in 2015. The source of Company is our founders’ passion in this drink. The coffee plant was discovered in Ethiopia and in the second half of the sixteenth century it spread into Italy. In 1570 in Venice it was very popular as a medicine, and only later was it appreciated as a pleasant drink all over the world. Coffee’n located in terni feels itself part of this tradition, by contributing to expand its brand in Italy and abroad trought company’s instruments able to quickly reach the customer’s home. The experience and the continuous relationship with clients, together with the constant technical assistance, guarantee that in the Coffee’n cup you will always find taste and excellence of our Italian culture.



Our Company’s priority is customer satisfaction and excellence pursuit.These are elements became our Mission to represent the main goal of an organization, it is inevitable that results are not long in coming: the precious coffee blends provided by Coffee’n are now widespread and appreciated all over Italy and in several parts of the world.



The entire Coffee’n organization is based on continuous training and improvement. We are fortunate to have experienced coffee machine technicians who transmit their expertise to the youngest. The same applies to the rest of the team, including sellers, carriers and administrative staff of our company. Those who drink a cup of coffee distributed by Coffee’n will always taste our experience in tradition..



Our Society helps to spread the culture of coffee by contributions to publishing houses for restoration and conservation of manuscripts and ancient books (Morphema Publishing House, Camaldoli Monastery, etc.). Since ever, Coffee’n opinion about coffee culture has always been in line with healthy life: our Company make available coffee machines for free to gyms and swimmingpool affiliated throughtout Italy. It is also one of the sponsor of Ternana Unicusano Calcio (local football team)


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